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I felt in good hands with the dentist, and her experience with
complex dental surgery work in hospitals was a considerable
reassurance. This feeling was reinforced by the way she took the
time to listen to my concerns and deal with them professionally.

David L - Skanderborg (DK)

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Independent Hungarian Dentist

We work with a hand-picked independent dentist who must perform in accordance with our strict requirements in order to continue to receive patients through Dacadia. By working directly with our selected dentist, we are in full control of who will perform your dental treatment; large clinics refer patients for treatment by any of their dentists, so there we would not have influence on the matter.


In addition to our requirements regarding professional qualifications and practical experience, the dentist is contractually obliged to offer long warranties and preferential pricing as well as a special travel guarantee for extended protection of Dacadia clients in case of remedial treatment under warranty.

Dr. Réka Horváth will be your dentist in Budapest.

Your Hungarian Dentist in Budapest

If you entrust Dacadia with arranging you dental treatment in Budapest, then Dr. Réka Horváth will be your dentist.

Réka has had her own private practice with a colleague since 2002 and their clinic has been ISO 9001 certified since January 2007. Naturally, she is a qualified member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber in good standing and in compliance with all formal requirements in order to practice dental surgery in Hungary.

In addition to the work in her private practice, Réka has completed her residency for dental surgery at the Oral Surgical Department at the National Medical Center in Budapest and for several years she has been associated with Szent Rókus Hospital in Budapest as a specialist in dental-alveolar surgery.

Education & Practical Experience

1999: Degree in Dentistry, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest
2001: Specialization in Oral Diseases, Oral Surgery Dept. of Szent Rókus Hospital, Budapest
2001: Training in specific dental implantology systems (Nobel Biocare and Allfit)
2004: Selected courses from General Medical Practitioner syllabus, Medical School of Szeged, Szeged
2006: Specialization in Prosthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Oral Surgery Dept. of Szent Rókus Hospital, Budapest
2010: Oral surgeon with specialization in Dental-Alveolar Surgery, National Medical Centre, Budapest
Foreign languages: English, German, Russian

Modern X-ray/CT Scan equipment

We take you to a dedicated radiology clinic to have panorama X-rays and CT scans made. The radiology clinic is able to feature the latest and most modern technology available as the high throughput reduces the capital cost of equipment per client.


In addition to the latest in digital panorama X-ray technology in Hungary, the clinic features the ultra modern NewTom VG® upright CT scanner. Dynamically adjusted power output and high precision technology enable the NewTom VG® to produce high-resolution images while significantly reducing the radiation levels compared to traditional CT scanners.

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