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[The dentist] explained the whole process of getting
dentures and the implications very well to help me make
a fully informed decision…Before I left Budapest I could
enjoy biting into the best steak I have had in years.

Hans-Erik S - Holbæk (DK)

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Thomas Søndergaard

Visit Our Dentist in Hungary

I have lived and worked in Hungary for more than 10 years. Over the years, my family from Denmark has also enjoyed the benefits of visiting a dentist in Hungary and since I am familiar with the local conditions I have ensured that they are always paying prices at local levels rather than paying from the ‘foreigner price list’.

From the start, in 2008, my ambition has been to operate as a coordinator of services offered by select partners rather than submitting myself to a clinic as sales agent without influence on the quality and service delivered.

The success of your trip to the dentist in Hungary is based on the smooth delivery of a collection of services, including your dental treatment. Our unique business model allows Dacadia to be in full control of the entire collection of services as our partners must qualify to treat clients who choose Dacadia. As your personal coordinator ‘on the ground’ in Budapest, we take responsibility for that you receive the best possible service around the best possible dental treatment.

We have hand-picked the Hungarian dentist we are working with, so we can guarantee that you will be treated by a highly trained professional with more than 20 years of practical experience, that you will get warranty periods of at least 5 years, and that you will be offered prices that are about 15-25% lower than those offered by most of our competitors.

The creation of Dacadia means that it is not just my family members that I can help visit a dentist in Hungary for a top quality dental treatment at the lowest possible price and with my personal service.

I look forward to meeting you when you arrive to Budapest.

Best regards,

Thomas Søndergaard
General Manager

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