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My only regret is that I took so long to make the decision...
I am extremely happy with my appearance now... I would highly
recommend your clinic to anyone with doubts about going
abroad as there is much to gain and certainally nothing to fear.

Patricia L - Meath (IE)

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Earlier, we had cooperation with a hotel and owners of holiday apartments, but the market has changed so much in the past few years that it no longer makes sense. You will always be able to find a better offer for the period you will be in Budapest. Naturally, we will assist you with advice and recommendations if you need it.


Though the primary purpose of your trip is dental treatment, there is no reason why we would force you to stay at a particular hotel. You will spend most of your time as a tourist, outside the clinic, so you are much better off staying in a hotel or holiday apartment that offer the amenities you need for a real vacation.

A lot of options

There are plenty of options, no matter if you prefer a small, cosy three-star hotel, a five-star luxury hotel, a wellness hotel, or something else. Despite the many hotel offers in Budapest, a lot of our patients prefer a bit more privacy in a holiday apartment.

In general, the location is not all important if there is a metro station within a couple of hundred meters. Budapest is split in two by the Danube river and it is on the Pest-side (eastern part) where everything is happening - except for the Castle District, there is not much of tourist interest on the Buda-side. If you want a central location, then you should find accommodation in the city Centre (Pest-side), which means within a couple of kilometres from Deák Ferenc tér. Locations in the vicinity of Andrássy út are also central.

Central Location

The two digits in the middle of a Budapest postal code shows the district number. Accommodation in District V (05) is right in the city centre, Districts VI (06) and VII (07) are also central. The western part of District VIII (08) and the south part of District XIII (13) are relatively central. The clinic is located in District XIII with easy access by public transportation from everywhere in the city.

If you find accommodation within or close by the middle ring road, then the location is in mid-town (on a map you will see that the ring road is called Teréz krt., Erzsebet krt., József krt., and Ferenc krt. on the Pest-side). If you find accommodation further from the city centre, then we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of that area.

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