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I felt in good hands with the dentist, and her experience with
complex dental surgery work in hospitals was a considerable
reassurance. This feeling was reinforced by the way she took the
time to listen to my concerns and deal with them professionally.

David L - Skanderborg (DK)

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Exchange Rate

The Hungarian Forint (HUF) is loosely tied to the Euro, so it moves within a band of 8% fluctuation from the middle rate of 250 Forint to a Euro. 230 is strong and 270 is weak. You can visit the Hungarian National Bank (in English) to see the current exchange rate or you can use the XE Universal Currency Converter.


You are better off bringing Euro or British Pounds to Hungary or drawing Forint from an ATM than trying to get your hands on Forint in a local bank. There are many exchange booths around Budapest where you can exchange money without a fee.


Hungary is landlocked, so it typically has quite hot summers with temperatures going up to 40°C and quite cold winters with temperatures down to -15°C. If you want to know more about the weather in Budapest, then you can find the current temperatures and a 7-day forecast on Meteo21.


Ferihegy Airport (BUD)

The airport in Budapest is called Ferihegy and has two terminals. The old airport building (Ferihegy 1) is primarily used by budget airlines while the larger and modern, Ferihegy 2 is used by regular airlines. Ferihegy 2A is almost exclusively used by Málev Hungarian Airlines while other carriers fly to and from Terminal 2B. You can see departures and arrivals on the airport website.

Online Map of Budapest

Utcakereső is a simple and easy-to-use map service that is also available in English.





British Embassy
V. Harmincad utca 6, 1051 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 266 2888 (M-F 9-17)

Emergency Phone: +36 70 335 5564

Canadian Embassy
XII. Budakeszi út 32, 1121 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 392 3360

Irish Embassy
Bank Center - Gránit Torony, V. Szabadság tér 7-9, 1054 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 302 9600

United States of America Embassy
V. Szabadság tér 12, 1054 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 475 4400

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