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[The dentist] spoke very good English and it was very easy
to discuss my dental condition and her recommendations
with her…Her office is professional and contains state of
the art equipment…I found the experience very satisfying.

Andy P - Los Angeles (USA)

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Warranty Periods

Our dentist is bound to offer you some of the longest warranties in the industry. Where most other dentists will only offer you a warranty of 2-3 years against product defects (material failure) and improper workmanship (human error), our dentist offers you a full 5 years:

Porcelain crowns, Bridges – 5 years
Inlays/Onlays – 5 years
Implant supported Crowns, Bridges – 5 years

Dental implants (the titanium screw) – 5 years (Allfit®)
Partial dentures – 5 years
Full dentures – 5 years



In order to exercise your right to warranty or liability compensation, you are obliged to inform your dentist of all claims without delay and you must allow your dentist a reasonable time to remedy the situation before taking recourse to a third party. This includes agreeing on the course of action with Dacadia/the dentist before exercising your right to reimbursement/services under the Special Guarantee.


Furthermore, your compensation claims may be reduced or invalidated:
- if regular oral hygiene is neglected
- if failure is due to normal wear and tear or clearly attributable to smoking
- if you do not visit a dentist for routine check-ups and preventive care at least once a year
- if you fail to follow the dentist’s instructions for usage or regular care and maintenance
- if your gums or jaw bone is naturally retracting or such change is caused by untreated periodontitis or other disease causing tooth/gum decay
- if you gain or loose a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time
- if a health condition or treatment thereof has negative effects on the dental condition (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, or tumours)
- if your claim is due to sports injury, accidents, or emergency intervention
- in case of accidental damage or loss (e.g. dropping or forgetting dentures)
- in case your claim is already covered by third party insurance (e.g. personal insurance or liability insurance of someone else)

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