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[The dentist] explained the whole process of getting
dentures and the implications very well to help me make
a fully informed decision…Before I left Budapest I could
enjoy biting into the best steak I have had in years.

Hans-Erik S - Holbæk (DK)

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EU Free Movement

Hungary has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is part of the Schengen Area.

As an EU citizen, you will have basic coverage with your national health insurance during your travel to Hungary (for up to one month) without needing additional insurance. While expenses for doctor treatment and hospitalisation in case of emergency or accident are covered, you may be required to pay for your transportation home if you cannot change your ticket or if you do not have additional insurance cover.

Reduced VAT Rates

Hungary has a differentiated VAT scheme, with most goods subject to the maximum level of 25%. Hotel accommodation is subject to reduced VAT and most health related services, including dentistry, are fully VAT exempt.


Dacadia is coordinating your accommodation and dental treatment on your behalf, but we ensure that service delivery and payment remains a legal relationship between you and the hotel/dentist. As a regular limited liability company, Dacadia does not qualify for reduced VAT privileges, so we would be obliged to charge you 25% VAT if we sold the services directly to you.

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