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I am very satisfied with the dental treatment. The dental
surgeon was helpful, friendly and clearly very well qualified.
I would be pleased to recommend Dacadia to anyone who might
be interested in having serious dental work carried out.

Richard J - W. Sussex (UK)

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From dental travel to city holidays

There are many offers when it comes to arranging you dental treatment at a dentist in Budapest/Hungary, Poland, and other countries with low dental prices. Regardless of whether the concept is called dental tourism, dental travel, or dental trip, it is based on a company sending clients to a dentist abroad.

The foundation of Dacadia is the objective to deliver more personalized service and better quality at lower prices than our competitors. This is why we have decided on taking a different approach without compromising on quality, price, and service.

Lower dental prices through Dacadia

By cutting costs not directly related to your dental treatment, we offer prices that are 15-25% below what intermediaries in the UK and Ireland can offer at the dentists in Budapest they are sales agents for.

The small clinic we work with is modern equipped for dental treatment and implant procedures, but it is reflected in your bill that you do not help recoup the investment in a large lavishly furnished clinic complex and pay salaries to a large administrative staff. Less complexity also allow us to organize your dental treatment more efficiently without wasted time, which means that your stay is often only of one week duration - a time saving of several days compared to the same treatment at the large dental clinics.

Local contact person

For additional comfort and safety, your contact person will be present with you at the dental clinic in Budapest. Our dentist speaks English, but we will assist you when discussing your treatment plan to make sure that your are well informed about your options and that no questions are left unasked.

Although the purpose of your travel is dental treatment, you have ample time to enjoy your city holiday in Budapest. You can draw on our local knowledge and get advice and help to discover the city. That is why we offer a city holiday with dental treatment, rather than just dental travel with a bit of sightseeing.

Dacadia guarantees high quality dental treatment

Incentive to offer premium quality

We have chosen to function as an independent organizer rather than enter into a fixed agency agreement with a dental clinic in Budapest. Unlike our competitors, we are not obliged to deliver patients to the dental clinic we work with, but it is our dentist who must meet our requirements to continue to be allowed to treat patients who choose Dacadia.

We must be able to vouch for our choice of dentist and the dentist must be able to vouch for the quality delivered. By building our service on a cooperation between partners who are mutually dependent on satisfied clients, we ensure that all parties are working on providing you with the best possible quality and service.

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Hungarian dentists are among the best qualified dentists in the world.

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